Why Sponsor us?


Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) is an excellent opportunity to meet top students and future leaders, who are motivated and will soon enter into the working world themselves. Many of the students are ideal candidates for co-op and internship opportunities. The event’s career fair (whether online or in-person) provides an opportunity for meeting high caliber students as well as promotion of your company.


Before reaching the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), each school hosts their own engineering competition to select the top teams to compete in OEC. Each school sends their brightest, most innovative and motivated students to compete.


All sponsors are encouraged to take part in every aspect of the competition through judging and/or networking. As a judge it will involve interacting with the competitors throughout the process, including check-ins during the development process and demonstrations, asking questions and providing feedback after competitors’ presentations. As an observer, there are opportunities to attend presentations, demonstrations, career fair and events throughout the weekend.

Representatives from your company can witness firsthand the talent and skills of the student competitors throughout the weekend, including collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, their creative problem solving and innovations.

Exposure and Outreach

OEC is one of the largest provincial engineering competitions in Canada, that has more than 300 competitors from multiple disciplines participating. Your company will be featured through various media including programs, social media, banners and websites at both the Ontario Engineering Competition as well as the local Engineering competitions held at the Universities.

Problem Solving

Sponsors have the option to provide a theme for 1 of the 8 competitions problem statements. All designs and solutions developed during these competitions are accessible to all sponsors of the event.

OEC 2020

Hosted at Guelph University on January 17th-19th, 2020.

OEC 2021

OEC 2021 was the first ever competition held online and hosted by an inter-school organizing committee.


“Hatch is proud to be a recurring sponsor of the Ontario Engineering Competition. It is an impressive event, presenting some of the top engineering students in the province. Having judges in attendance allows us to interact directly with the students at the scheduled social events and career fair, and the competition allows us to observe how the students perform under pressure when faced with complex challenges. It is an excellent way to seek out top talent.”

Chris McGuire, P. Eng – Mine Ventilation & Refrigerations, Hatch Ltd.

“I really enjoyed my experience as a judge at OEC 2019. It was fun to be able to interact with bright, motivated students and talk to them about their ideas around the problem they were trying to solve. I was very impressed by what some students were able to accomplish in a few short hours! All of the events around the competition were a great opportunity to meet Engineering students and talk to them about GEOTAB.”

Dena Krieger, Data Scientist, GEOTAB Inc.

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