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Women in Engineering: International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Dark blue text that says, “Equality for All. Women’s rights are human rights. International Women’s Day” on a light blue background, with a photo of four people holding hands and walking down a set of stairs outside a building. As the month of March comes to an end, in recognition of Women’s History month and…

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Why change the Advisory Board for OEC and why now?

Photo by gorodenkoff For just over 40 years of the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), there has been an advisory board (of some shape or form) made up of student representatives and industry members to guide and shape OEC. The competition has run each year, thanks to the dedication of the student organizers and support from…

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A Brief History of OEC

The text from the image is below OEC is the Ontario Engineering Competition, an annual student run undergraduate engineering competition. Top teams from each category move on to compete in the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC). In 1980, the first competition was called Ontario Engineering Design Competition (OEDC) hosted by Queen’s University. It had 3 categories…

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Why I love Engineering Competitions (and why you should too!)

Photo by lamontak590623 Every time I go to an undergraduate engineering competition, I am blown away by the talent, dedication and determination of all involved. I have had the pleasure of learning, discussing and thinking about the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) for over 20 years. It is an annual event that takes place over a weekend…

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