What is the Foundation for Engineering Competitions Canada

We are an organization that supports student run undergraduate engineering competitions. We are supporting the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), an annual competition led by students for undergraduate engineering students from Universities across Ontario. OEC started in 1980 at Queen’s University and has been an annual event ever since. Each year, for one weekend, it brings hundreds of high caliber undergraduate engineering student competitors from all disciplines, to showcase the students’ problem solving skills, outside the box thinking, innovative ideas and present to a panel of judges from various industries. There are 8 competition categories: Consulting, Communications, Innovative Design, Junior Design, Senior Design, Parliamentary Debate, Programming and Re-Engineering with cash prizes for teams that finish 1st through 3rd. The top 2 teams from each category are subsequently invited to compete in the Canadian Engineering Competition along with winning teams from the 3 other regional competitions across Canada. Engineering competitions are an excellent opportunity for networking, collaborating and learning from each other. Your education and development isn’t limited to the classroom!

Our Team

Nicole Shipley – Co-Founder and Executive Director

Bachelor of Engineering Science – Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with Distinction

Nicole is a Co-founder and Executive Director of the Foundation of Engineering Competitions Canada (FECC). Back in 2003, Nicole had her first exposure to Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) and since that time has had several years of OEC and CEC (Canadian Engineering Competition) involvement: including OEC judge and advisor, CEC judge and participant as part of the 2003 OEC student planning team. Nicole is very excited to be taking on the role of Executive Director for this new organization. With 15 years’ experience in one of the largest consumer packaged goods company in Canada, in various roles from Production Supervisor to Senior Manager in Procurement, Nicole has had great exposure to developing and supporting vendor relationships, managing contract and leading teams of buyers and analysts. Nicole is looking forward to promoting and expanding OEC, supporting the student organizers and current sponsors, and fostering new relationships for the continued success of OEC.

Kevin Shipley – Co-founder and Champion

Bachelor of Engineering Science – Mechanical Engineering with Distinction

Kevin is a Co-Founder and Champion of the Foundation for Engineering Competitions Canada (FECC). He is also serving as a Director on the Board for FECC. Kevin has more than 20 years of Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) involvement as a competitor, student Co-Chair 2003 (at Western University), judge, advisory board member, Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) judge and advisor, and Chair of the OEC Advisory Board. The OEC Advisory Board is now replaced with this new organization with the same mandate as well as ambitions to expand. Kevin is an engineer, patent agent, lawyer, trusted advisor and (self-professed) all-around good guy focused on innovative and growing companies. Having been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug (but not quite enough to quit his day job), Kevin focused a portion of his practice on working with start-up companies. He has worked with and provided support to a number of start-up incubators. For these clients, Kevin provides assistance with developing early-stage and ongoing IP strategy, identifying commercially relevant innovations and securing registered IP assets for commercial advantage. He is passionate about OEC and is excited to continue to promote and support the student led undergraduate engineering competitions.

Board of Directors

Baijul Shukla

Baijul is a Director on the Board for FECC and has been an active supporter as a board member on the previous OEC Advisory Board since 2013. Baijul works at Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) in his role as the Director, Members Services and Strategic Partners. He is a resourceful and team-oriented business professional with over 15 years’ experience in marketing strategy development, business planning, project management and budget management. Baijul has led and developed business and marketing strategies, which effectively acquire and retain profitable customers. With a preference to lead by example, he is driven to ensure success in every facet of an organization. Baijul is driven by passion, accountability, integrity and success.

“For one to be successful, they have to be passionate about what they are doing, accountable for their actions and ensure that their integrity is never compromised for the end goal.”

Kyle Lacroix

Kyle is a Director on the Board for FECC, elected by ESSCO (Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario), representing the engineering students of Ontario.  Kyle was the Co-Chair for OEC 2021, which was the first inter-school organizing committee.  In addition, Kyle has also organized the engineering competition at Western, which sent winners to OEC 2021.  After graduating from Mechatronics (Robotics) Engineering at Western University in the Co-Op program, Kyle is currently enrolled in Software (Machine Learning) Engineering Masters at Western University.  We are so happy to have Kyle join the board!

Jade Appleby

Jade is supporting the board for FECC, representing the engineering students of Ontario.  Jade is the current President of the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario, after previously serving as Guelph Engineering Society’s VP External Affairs and previous to that as Communications Coordinator.  Jade has started her Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences focusing on environmental policy, at the University of Guelph after completing her degree in Biological Engineering with a minor in Math.  We are so appreciative of Jade’s support and passion for engineering students and OEC!


Grant Mitchell

Grant served as a Director on the first board for FECC, representing the engineering students of Ontario. Grant has been an active member in student activities, where most recently he was the Ontario Ambassador for CFES. He was the chair for the Sustainability in Engineering conference from 2018-2020 and was the OEC-AB representative from 2018-2019. Grant has been an excellent support for this new organization and his dedication is much appreciated!

Alexa Bautista

Alexa supported the board for FECC, representing the engineering students of Ontario, while she was the President of the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario (ESSCO). Alexa is an engineering student leader heavily involved in the Ontario engineering community, with a passion for helping others. Alexa was the President of the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario, after previously serving as the Vice President Services in 2019-2020, and previous to that as Outreach Commissioner in 2018-2019. Interested in the intersection between business and technology, along with the intersection of technology and society, Alexa had been actively involved in the success of OEC. Alexa is an active advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, especially within engineering and we are most appreciative of Alexa’s support!

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