A Brief History of OEC

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OEC is the Ontario Engineering Competition, an annual student run undergraduate engineering competition. Top teams from each category move on to compete in the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC).

In 1980, the first competition was called Ontario Engineering Design Competition (OEDC) hosted by Queen’s University. It had 3 categories – Open competition, Industrial competition and Communications competition. In 1982, The OEDC Changes the Communications competition to split into 2 categories: Editorial Communications and Explanatory Communications. In 1985, First ever Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) ran, where the top teams from the regional competition competed as CEC. In 1991, Sandford Fleming foundation approached OEDC board to join their competition to OEDC whereby adding debates to the competition. In 1992, the competition was named as the present name of Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), hosted by Ottawa University; to show that “competition and engineering in general, is more than just design”. In 1997, a sixth competition, Junior Design competition, was added to the competition, hosted by McMaster University. In 2010, each competition added a new constraint regarding the feasibility of the solution presented. To include the business side of engineering in the competition. In 2014, Programming competition was added, hosted by UOIT. In 2018, Re-engineering competition was added to the event, this was to match CEC. In 2021, the first ever online OEC was held, and for the first time ever had an inter-school organizing committee.

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